At Optical Vision we offer a variety of services

Comprehensive Eye and Vision Examinations

Yearly eye and vision exams are extremely important part of preventive health care. There are many cases that eye and vision problems precede with no symptoms to the patient. Picking up on health issues early on can help maintain good vision and eye health. When a doctor performs an exam they look at a patient’s history which is a good indication of any symptoms the patient may be experiencing as well as any health problems and/or occupational conditions that may be causing an effect on the patient’s eyes. The doctor will also find out whether or not conditions may be hereditary. The examinations will also include a refractive assessment to determine the patient prescription to see whether or not corrective lens are need to improve eye sight. The examination will also include eye health evaluation, evaluating the lens, retina. While doing this a measurement of pressure within the eye is performed. This is done to see if the patient is at an increased risk of developing glaucoma. During the examination a screening for any other diseases such as cataracts will be performed. Finally at the end of the examination a prescription for glasses is written if needed.

Contact Lens Fittings

Contact lenses fitting consist of using special instruments to get measurements needed to fit contact lens appropriately to your eyes. Contact lens fittings should be performed annually to ensure that you have the best fit for your contact lens. During the fitting the patient will receive instructions on how to properly insert and remove your lenses safely with any harm to your eyes. Upon completion of the fitting the doctor will determine if the fitting of the contact lens is suitable for the patient, taking into consideration of the comfort and total overall health of the patients eyes. At the end the final prescription will be issued for the patient base on all the information the doctor has gathered

Optical Lab Services

We have an on-site lab enabling us to do our own edging and tinting while maintaining the quality assurance that our clients deserve; we also carry a large selection of stock lenses giving us the ability to process your order within the hour in some cases, making it more convenient to receive your frame in a timely manner.